Pete Saunders
Uganda 2week Birding and Mammal Tour January 2014. Hi my name is Peter Saunders from Nottingham England--we booked this birding holiday a year in advance with Deo. The participants were Peter and Lorraine Saunders, Jonny Price and Will Price. From the time we initially committed to the holiday Deo (Uganda Eco Tours) kept us update with news and answered any queries etc very quickly! As for the tour the combination of Deo and Robert Nuwagaba made for a brilliant and facinating experience. Both brilliant birders knowing all the bird calls and habitats with an amazing gift a actually location the birds. Deo has a great mindset for detail and orginisation with the trip running without any significant problems. In 2 weeks we saw 470 species of birds and lots of mammals including Shoebill, Green-breasted Pitta, Finfoot (which was unexpected), Chimpanzee and Gorilla (amazing experience) and lots lots more. The accommodation and food were excellent with wonderful views from most places. I would strongly recommend the service of Deo if you are planning a trip to Uganda - Deo and Robert are really nice people with a great knowledge of the wildlife of Uganda. They both have a good sense of humor, very polite and look after their participants very well! Thank you both for a great trip one we will never forget! Good birding. Pete Saunders
Monique Fischer
Lots of birds, wonderful people Birding Trip to Uganda Jan23 to Feb7 2014. I had a wonderful trip to Uganda with Deo and Robert. Deo organized the trip and was the driver (also guide) and Robert the guide. Robert is an amazing spotter and his knowledge of the birds is astounding. No sound or movement escapes him. If there is a bird somewhere Robert will find it. Both Deo and Robert made sure that we saw as many birds as possible and that we all saw them. We were a group of 6 and came from 3 different continents. Deo is not only a good organizer but has a wonderfully friendly and cheerful personality. We truly enjoyed chatting with him. He is a very good listener and always made sure that everyone was comfortable and spared no effort to keep us all happy. We all enjoyed spending time with him. I wish him great success in his business , he certainly deserves it . He possesses all the qualities and skills required to deal with many diverse personalities and situations. I want to add that I found the Ugandans welcoming, friendly and so very kind. Monique Fischer, Toronto
Fabrice & Helen Soulon
We have just retuned from a 3 week trip in Uganda. We are a couple of keen amateur birdwatchers and Deo Muhumuza proposed us the following trip: Arrival Enteb, visit Mabamba Swamp, Entebbe botanical gardens, Lake Mburo national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest (Ruija, the neck, Buhoma), Queen Elisabeth national park, Kazinga channel, Kibale forest, Royal mile in Budongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Alexandra park Entebbe. We were greatly helped by Deo Muhumuza and Saul Ampeire, two super birding guides that can not only recognise the bird songs, but also mimic them which is an enormous help in the thick forest undergrowth of Bwindi, Kibale and Budongo. We had an interlude with Gorilla tracking, an experience that we will never forget; a 3 hour trek in the Bwindi forest to find the Gorillas can not be compared with a 3 hour trek in the French Alps. The vegetation, the steep montain path and humiditie is not the same and after all this you need to do the return trip! We missed the Pitta, Greenbull, Chocolate Kingfisher and others, but we saw the Spotted Fluff Tail, Shining Blue Kingfisher, Chestnut Flycatcher at Budongo, Chestnut Wattle Eye,rwenzori batis and black crowned night heron at Nyanzibiri plus the white collared and grey headed olive back, making a total of 458 species with the photos of several species which takes time and patience, but this trip was also a fantastic experience in meeting the Ugandan people. Smiling, joyful, friendly and Deo and Saul were real 'Birdingpals'. But also you must be prepared for long bumpy rides between the stops. 180 km can take all day, but then again you have time to take in the rolling country side. So thanks again to Deo and Saul for this super experience, and we hope to see them again one day together with the African Pitta, Chocolate Kingfisher and others. Also Deo is involved in community projects in the Queen Elisabeth area and we saw that the school equipement that we took in our bagage allowance of 46 kg each really arrived, where it was needed. From Fabrice & Helen Soulon from France
Bruce Greenfield
Deo Muhumuza and Saul Ampeire were our two guides. Deo organized the trip for us and Saul was the driver. Both are Uganda Safari Guides and birding specialists. These two exhibited amazing bird-spotting skills but were also spirited dynamic leaders. Travelling with them was an unparalleled learning experience, not only about Uganda's amazing birds including the Shoebill, the apparition of the papyrus swamps, the Martial Eagle in its military garb, the forest dominion of the Great Blue Turaco with its raucous calls and behavior, the legendary Green-breasted Pitta, the Semiliki Hornbills found nowhere else in Uganda such as the Black-Casqued Wattled and the White-Crested, Twinspots and Flufftails (called in with Saul's whistle), but one day devoted to Mountain Gorilla trekking which was an amazing counterpoint to 14 days of dedicated birding. Deo is an amazing organizer. The accomodations he lined up were affordable and excellent. He is 31 years old and speaks 9 languages. Since English is the official language of Uganda, virtually all of the signage is in this language. These two have bounding enthusiasm, the country can be grateful for Deo and Saul. Try to line up both of them, they compliment each other beautifully. Bruce Greenfield, MD and Ulla Allyn Santa Fe, NM, USA.
Tomasz Klys
Dear Deo, Once again I would like to thank you and Emmy for the fantastic trip. Both of you are not only excellent bird guides but also wonderful people with whom time flowes really great. I would like to leave opinion on the trip you proposes on the birdingpal site; From our talks during plane trips I know that all members of our team were really glad – e. g. Jan considers our trip as his best African experience. One of Marcins and Andrzej who had never been to Africa before are totally dazzled by amount and diversity of species you and Emmy showed them. For me it was also great trip: a lot of birds I missed in Ghana now at last I have twitched – and these species were really difficult and impossible to be discerned and recognised by myself without great help of you and Emmy as well. Thanks a lot! Hoping that maybe once again we will meet on birding track With my best regards Tomasz Klys - Poland
Deo, I will not hesitate to use you in the future or recommend you to friends should the occasion arise. I think you did a good job. Our plate was full. Our glass was overflowing. It was a good trip! Michael Greene USA
Hi Deo, Thanks for the great Uganda Birding. It was wonderful for me - the best tour in my life! The travel was fantastically organized, with no mistakes. Harriet is really a great birder, and Barnabas, he was a very good driver, even in difficult areas such as the “NECK” and Bwindi. Please make no Changes! Dr. Michael Grimminger, Germany
I had to chance to have Deo as a bird-guide while in Uganda for work in February 2012. As I was very time-constrained, we did some early morning birding on the campus of Makerere University in Central Kampala - it yielded over 30 species in a few hours, including Black-Headed and Paradise Flycatcher, Green-headed Sunbird, Grey Woodpecher, Brown and Grey Parrot, a very close Lizard Buzzard, African Harrier Hawk etc. Deo is an excellent guide, and I look forward to discover more of Uganda's birdlife in future trips! Jean Hugé, Ghent, Belgium
Martina Stolzi
I had the best field experience in Uganda....great nature, great birds (the Shoebill was the highlight of my trip), the unimaginable mountain gorillas, great views, so much fun ...and of course Deo...the best birdwatcher I have ever seen....with him teaching you anything could be possible...even distinguish among the very hard ones like sunbirds!!! I love Uganda!!!! YOU ARE THE BEEEEEEST!!!!
"William stands tall as one of my favorite guides in Africa. He possesses a huge understanding of the forest and vast insights into the minds of its inhabitants. Professionalism leavened by warmth, expertise softened by laughter: what more do you need? Spend a day with him and you will have made a friend for life. I cannot recommend William Betunga and his company more highly." John Heminway - Film Maker & Travel Writer (www.heminway.net) Washington DC